Is Isagenix a scam? A Current Affair reviews Isagenix

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In typical A Current Affair style the preview clip promoting their Isagenix review promised to share details of ‘ISAGENIX EXPOSED‘. So what did ACA and Channel 9 really expose? Did they uncover some sinister plot by Isagenix to rip hard working Australian off? Did they expose substandard diet products hoisted on an unsuspecting public? Did they answer the question is Isagenix a Scam?

No, they did not.

What we actually learned was that Isagenix products work as promised, and that members who use the products love the products and the company.

People who use the Isagenix program can enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Around 84% of people who buy Isagenix are just customers who use the products because they love them, and choose not to pursue the financial opportunity. Over 500,000 people have benefitted from using the Isagenix products. Australian Olympic icons and heroes Natalie Cook and Jana Pitman use Isagenix

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0:22 Isagenix weight loss
0:30 Isagenix scam?
1:02 Rapid weight loss
1:16 Former Isagenix General Manager Angus Love
1:35 It is huge worldwide with over half a million customers
1:55 Isagenix review
4:12 Why you need to consider the isagenix scam for what it actually is

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