Is Isagenix a Scam? The ABC News exposure of Isagenix

Is Isagenix a Scam? This ABC News report reviewed Isagenix products. Their conclusion was that the “Isagenix scam” was successful in helping people lose weight, increase energy, gain mental clarity and promoted a healthier way of life.

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If you follow the Isagenix weight loss plan that comes with the product, most people experience a successful weight loss experience.

You must decide if the Isagenix products are a scam for yourself. We can only give the the facts and that no “Isagenix scam” exists!

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Are you wondering whether of not Isagenix is a scam? You’re not alone. Like any diet program there are people who may fail to lose weight with Isagenix. There are also people who will attempt to build an Isagenix business and fail spectacularly!

So does that make this Isagenix a scam?

If you have spent some time researching Isagenix then you will most likely have come into contact with negative isagenix reviews, or people claiming that Isagenix is a scam. It is true that up to 97% of people fail when trying to build a network marketing business. The big question here is whether that is due to the company they are working with, or whether it is because the people themselves don’t treat their network marketing business like a real business, and a) don’t take enough action in their business, and/or b) try to use outdated marketing methods. Often they will blame their failures on the company instead of undertaking the personal development required to build a business in 2017. I believe that this is the key reason for the negative isagenix reviews talking about the isagenix scam.

The other reason we see people providing negative reviews about isagenix is because they have a product or service of their own that they are promoting. Because Isagenix has been massively popular and massively successful in helping people transform their lives there are a lot of companies and individuals who are threatened by that success. Unfortunately sometimes when people are threatened it is easier to put down Isagenix and provide negative reviews so they can make their own products or programs look good in comparison. When reading negative isagenix reviews look for the alternative product or service that the person is offering, and you’ll then see that all they are doing is putting Isagenix down to pitch their own offer. Decide for yourself what to do with that knowledge.

If you want to be successful building a network marketing business you need to go through a process of self-development and deliver value to the market. By working on your personal branding you put yourself in a position where people will seek you out to learn how your business can help meet a need in their lives. In the case of Isagenix, that means they will approach you to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, gain more energy and improve their lives. And if they were wanting to learn how to build a successful online business they will see by your example that Isagenix can provide them the framework to build a great online network marketing business. So, far from what some people are describing as the Isagenix scam, what the Isagenix program delivers is quality product and a solid business plan.

I hope this ABC news story helps you better understand Isagenix. Don’t forget that the isagenix scam is nothing but stories from people who failed by not taking enough action, or who are trying to discredit Isagenix because they have their own agenda to push. If you want to feel great, and change your life take action now and click the following link to learn more –

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