AdvoCare Reviews – A Scam or a Great Business?

AdvoCare Reviews
Find out what your Advocare upline will NOT tell you about.

AdvoCare Reviews:

AdvoCare is a network marketing company that’s stable and been around since 1993. It has a few high-profile endorsers such as Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints who supports one if it’s core products – AdvoCare Spark energy drink.

While rumors of an AdvoCare scam have been around for a while, there’s no evidence here that an AdvoCare scam exists. AdvoCare seems to be a great company with a lot of distributors making a very good living.

I talk a bit about the AdvoCare pay plan in the video, but WOW is it hard to understand. Since I recorded that, I can see what other AdvoCare reviews are talking about – it’s like a long legal document that is not real sales-friendly. Personally, I hate learning compensation plans – I just want to be able to tell they work. In this case, the AdvoCare comp plan is just too confusing.

So, is there an AdvoCare scam? No. Are there bad AdvoCare distributors who probably mislead people? Probably – and those AdvoCare reps should be kicked out of the company. That doesn’t make it a scam, though.

AdvoCare Reviews Video Timeline:
0:01 AdvoCare Reviews Introduction
1:01 AdvoCare Reviews – The Deal
1:06 AdvoCare Reviews – The Website
5:26 Misconceptions about Network Marketing and Vemma
5:49 AdvoCare Reviews – is it a scam?
6:31 What your AdvoCare upline won’t tell you

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