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This amazing power couple, Zach & Eden Slobin, launched their Network Marketing business in March of 2013. In just 4 short months, they were able to free themselves from Corporate America while replacing their Six-Figure Incomes.

Zach started in Network Marketing at 24 years old and brings with him a 12 year -year history in and around the profession of network marketing as a respected Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

Prior to getting into Network Marketing, Eden spent 10 years working as a highly successful Business Manager and Financial Controller where she was responsible for overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Learn how they did it on this episode of the Hero Call Podcast!

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About Richard Brooke:

Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time Network Marketing sales leader since 1977 … over 40 years.

He started out in life as a chicken cutter at Foster Farms, the largest single poultry processing plant in the world. After struggling mightily for 2.5 years he finally figured Network Marketing out and within four more years had a team of 30,000 by the time he was 28.

He was hired to run the Network Marketing company in which he built and then ended up owning his own Network Marketing company for 30 years. In 1992 Success Magazine featured Richard and his company on the cover … the first and only time Network Marketing has been featured in that magazine.

He served on the DSA Board of Directors and led significant industry changes by way of the Ethics committee. He is the author of Mach 2: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation and The Four Year Career®.

In June of 2017, Richard and his wife Kimmy Brooke sold their Network Marketing company to Young Living and are now full-time sales leaders, trainers, coaches, and speakers.