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Does Isagenix Work?

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Follow my journey, I will be documenting how I feel on the products, the weight loss, and so forth….subscribe to my channel stayed tuned for the next video To purchase Isagenix products and Get your 30 Day system…Click link http://bit.ly/1JIUuw6 Christine earrings are handcrafted and sold at http://www.goallays.com

30 DAY RESET | First Time Using Isagenix

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Day 60 of Isagenix Weightloss – month two results!!

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I’m searching for my purpose without numbing out with food. I’m posting this to find others who can help cheer me along the way. I’m also posting for accountability and showing myself that this is a commitment. I’m searching for new way of thinking. Who knows maybe while i learn i can help inspire you ….  Read More