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Advocare – Did It Go Out Of Business?

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AdvoCare Busted by FTC for Running Pyramid Scheme – Settles for $150M

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FTC tells AdvoCare you’re a pyramid scheme. AdvoCare says we are an MLM, but we don’t want to fight you so we will just pay you $150M to go away. Scott digs deeper into the AdvoCare $150M settlement after the FTC determined that the popular with celebs, MLM company was actually running an illegal pyramid ….  Read More

Why The FTCs Ruling Against Advocare Is (Not a Big Deal)

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There were a number of articles out last week about the FTCs ruling against Advocare. People seem to think it is a gig win. It is not. The FTCs ruling brings a spotlight to the overall business structure but will not eliminate it. Advocare admits nothing. Advocare disagrees with being labeled as operating a pyramid ….  Read More