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Advocare Fined $150 million As FTC Calls It A Pyramid Scheme

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My #1 Recommendation To Earning Income Online CLICK HERE ➡️➡️➡️ http://themillionairedrive.com Advocare fined $150 million as FTC calls it a pyramid scheme. I take you behind the scenes on what exactly happened and if ALL MLM companies are pyramid schemes. I did a video on Advocare ditching their MLM compensation plan back in May of ….  Read More

MLM/Network Marketing Vultures…Really? Advocare?

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Advocare… MLM/Network Marketing Vultures…Really? Advocare has changed its business model after negotiating / talks with the FTC. What does this mean to the 100,000 plus Advocare Distributors and whats all this talk about MLM/ Advocare vultures? You may agree with me or you may think I’m dead wrong, either way, we still need to treat ….  Read More

Why The FTCs Ruling Against Advocare Is (Not a Big Deal)

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There were a number of articles out last week about the FTCs ruling against Advocare. People seem to think it is a gig win. It is not. The FTCs ruling brings a spotlight to the overall business structure but will not eliminate it. Advocare admits nothing. Advocare disagrees with being labeled as operating a pyramid ….  Read More

Life After Advocare | What Happens After Advocare Removes MLM Model

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We are sitting down to share with you our story with AdvoCare from 2012-present day. AdvoCare sent an email to their network of over 100K distributors to announce they would be removing the MLM business model from AdvoCare effective July 17, 2019, giving distributors 2 months to get their house in order. It seems this ….  Read More