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為何選擇愛身健麗? (Why Isagenix)

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Isagenix不是適合所有人的,但如果人們不認真看看,又怎會了解它的好處? 這段影片把Isagenix的背景介紹給人們,提供有關我們的價值、創辦人、產品、方案、科學及更多其他資訊。我們針對那些懷疑Isagenix及那些參與會議或觀看Isagenix影片(IsaMovie)後而並不感興趣的人。 我們明白,有時候事情聽起來好得令人難以置信。很多我們的聯營商以不同的方法,利用Isagenix改變他們的生命。這些聯營商現在已開始建立他們自己的生意,他們積極與別人分享自己的故事及助他們改善生命背後的產品。Isagenix有其獨特之處,我們很想與您分享。 一起聆聽Erik Coover與我們分享Isagenix的工具並將這訊息宣揚出去!

Isagenix Success System

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Having everything at your finger tips allows you to learn as you earn. Being a forever student and using systems to duplicate throughout your organization is KEY to not only your success, it is key to the success of future leaders who have yet to join you! https://www.evernote.com/shard/s93/sh/d50bfaa2-c122-4a21-9e30-5cd0f33ba9d8/36eef6a83661b1a5aeb87a61dbae2c03

What Not to Say When Sharing AdvoCare

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Join our team here: http://www.MyChampionBuilder.com Make sure to subscribe to my channel for helpful tips. Here is a quick video describing things not to say when talking about your AdvoCare business. Or any business for that matter. Follow me on instagram at https://instagram.com/coreypas/ On twitter @ https://twitter.com/CoreyPas


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As many of us know, Advocare made a huge announcement to change their compensation model to Direct to consumer and no longer will be operating as Multi Level Marketing. This change is going to have a significant impact on many of Advocares distributors. I want to start by saying how eye opening this is for ….  Read More

How To Make Money in Herbalife| Tips & Tricks

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I finally got around to filming pointers on how to successfully make money selling Herbalife products! These are my personal tips based off what helped me get to World Team. Some of these things you may have heard before but most likely not in this way. Give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget ….  Read More